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Class Routine-inator

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Sign into class each day here!

Round 1: Khan Academy - Start with a Mastery Challenge!

Khan Academy

Round 2:

First Day -
Racing Day

Middle Day(s)

1-Minute GradeCheck

Times Table Grid -
No Timer Required

then...Last Day Logic Day

25 min

Race Day Form

4 min Orbit Integers (addition) - 2 rounds
4 min Integer Warp (multiplication) - 2 rounds
  Times Table Grid
  Math Playground
Algebra 1 homework

TED Talks, etc.

Games, Puzzles and Coding Day - with partner or solo
Logic Games 1- Math Playground
Logic Games 2 - Math Playground
learning zone thoughts

Round 3: Khan Academy
Start or end with a Mastery Challenge!

Khan Academy

Find Algebra Practice Topics

By Book Chapter

By Topic

Chapter 1

Chapter 7

Overview of Algebra

Multiplying and Factoring Expressions

Chapter 2

Chapter 8

Linear Equations

Quadratic Equations

Chapter 3

Chapter 9

Linear Inequalities

Exponent Expressions and Equations

Chapter 4

Chapter 10

Graphing and Analyzing Linear Functions


Chapter 5

Chapter 11

Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Ratios and Proportions


Descriptive Statistics - Unit 3 of Algebra 1 - Common Core

Chapter 6

Chapter 12

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Spring Semester Grading Guidelines





KA Classwork

Break Check

Preparation and Participation

KA Homework

-Calculated (almost) every day

Percentage grade of work time on Khan Academy for that day compared to available work time, usually 40 minutes. Time available is sometimes adjusted because of internet speed and class time available.

Khan Academy work must follow these rules to receive credit:

1) When watching KA videos, you must listen to the video and nothing else.

2) KA videos cannot count for more than 50% of KA time per day.

3) All KA work must be related to YOUR curent math class (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, or Geometry). Other work will not be counted.

One minute after each break is over, you are expected to be :

1) back in your assigned seat

2) working a KA problem or other activity as directed

3) all off-task windows closed

4) finished with off-task conversations

Note: Be sure to choose or change your Pandora station while you are on break. You may not make any adjustments to Pandora for at least 3 minutes after break.

Each day you will receive credit for having these 3 things:

1) Your Algebra class notebook (bring one just for this class ONLY if your other math teacher does not require a notebook.)

2) Your own pencil or erasable pen

3) Headphones or earbuds

When I have earbuds for sale, you must buy them from me between classes to get full credit for having them. If you buy them from me after the tardy bell rings, it is half-credit.

Remember, I do not always have headphones for sale. It is your responsibility to have them every day.

You will get Participation Credit for writing assignments in class, such as responses to reading or video,

Excused absences will exempt you from written assignments that cannot be made up in class.

•Spend at least 25 minutes of time outside of school hours (3 pm - 8 am) on Khan Academy, watching videos and/or practicing skills every week. (5 minutes a day on school days works best for many people)

Note: You may now do your KA homework in my classroom during lunch on Monday, Thursday or Friday.

Please note -
1) Because of limitations to the system, I cannot give you homework credit for work done during school hours, such as during nutrition, lunch, or during other classes, except if done in my classroom at Lunch on Monday, Thursday or Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)