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Classroom Weekly

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Round 1: Khan Academy
Start with a Mastery Challenge!

Khan Academy

Round 2:

First Day -
Racing Day

Middle Day(s)

Last Day -
Logic Day

25 min

Race Day Form

4 min Orbit Integers (addition) - 2 rounds
4 min Integer Warp (multiplication) - 2 rounds
  Times Table Grid
  Math Playground
Algebra 1 homework

TED Talks, etc.

Games, Puzzles and Coding Day - with partner or solo
Math Playground
Grok Learning
Hello Processing
RoboMind Academy
Microsoft Research TouchDevelop
learning zone thoughts

Round 3: Khan Academy
Start and end with a Mastery Challenge!

Khan Academy






Time on Khan Academy

Homework on Khan Academy

Written Work and Projects

Recommended Practice for Goal

Level Up Grade

-Calculated once per 5 week grading period

-Based on average of 40 minutes per clas day (actual work time) + 25 minutes per week of KA homework = 100% A+

Extra time on KA outside of class will give you extra credit and make up for absences.

•Spend at least 25 minutes of time outside of school hours (3 pm - 8 am) on Khan Academy, watching videos and/or practicing skills every week. (5 minutes a day on school days works best for many people)

Please note -
1) Because of limitations to the system, I cannot give you homework credit for work done during school hours, such as during nutrition, lunch, or during other classes.
2) Mastery Challenges may only be done in class.

Minutes counter for Fall 2014

-Weekly Games Scores Report

-Work samples

-Discussion questions

-Others as assigned

Each written assignment is worth 10 points.

Forgetting to bubble your student ID number correctly will cost you 3 points per assignment.

Excused absences will exempt you from written assignments that cannot be made up in class.

At the beginning of each 5 week grading session you have your choice of goals:

Middle School Math Review or

Middle School Math + Algebra Review

Based on your choice, I will recommend 10 key modules for you to complete to "Practiced Level" or above for that grading period.

Please note: Please see me if these modules are too hard or easy for you - we can make adjustments!

A count of every time you move a skill up a level -

  • Needs Practice to Practiced
  • Practiced to Level 1
  • Level 1 to Level 2
  • Level 2 to Mastered

Each "Level Up" is worth 2 points. Do Mastery Challenges to move skills from Practiced to Level 1 and above.

50 level ups or more = 100% = A+
45 level ups = 90% = A-
40 level ups = 80% = B-
35 level ups = 70% = C-
30 level ups = 60% = D-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)